1. Choose a System


Our proprietary heat recovery system transfers heat from the cold tank to heat the warm tank. This simple system is also switchable, so both tanks function as cold tanks. Furthermore, heat rejected into the room by the warm tank’s surface is absorbed by the cold tank’s surface - thus there's no HVAC heat load.


Our cold CRYOTherm Models contain a water-cooled condensing unit so no heat is rejected into your room.

Unlimited possibilities to design a self-contained CRYOTherm that serves your needs.

When your health department requires a permit application and approval documents.

2. Choose Model

CustomFit    PermitFit

2. Choose a Location


CRYOTherm consoles are configured to fit into your space without requiring a sub-basement or floor-pit.

Partial In-Ground

When a floor-pit is preferred, we are your only option.


When a sub-basement is preferred, we are your best option.

3. Choose Configuration


Fits along a single wall.


Fits into a corner to save space.

4. Enter Maximum Length

Your inside wall dimension will determine the maximum CRYOTherm length.

5. Choose Compartment Location

Compartments house the filters, pumps, and refrigeration components. They also serve as seats for upper extremity immersion.

Both Sides
Left Side
Right Side
Left Side
Right Side

6. Choose Tank Seating Style

Straight walls with no seats (chose “None” below) provide maximum flexibility. Single bench offers a bench on any wall. L-Shaped provides a good balance for both seated and standing athletes

Single Bench
Dual Facing
Full Perimeter

7. Choose CRYOTherm Height

This choice will be affected by your hallways and doorway width.

34 Inches
38 Inches
40 Inches
42 Inches

8. Choose Tank Size

CRYOTherm tanks are custom fabricated with infinite possibilities.Never one size fits all.

Choose Tank Configuration?

Larger Cold
Larger Warm

Popular Colors

9. Choose Corian® Color

CRYOTherm’s exterior color is always Cameo White matched with a Step Surface accent color selection from DuPont's Colors of Corian®

 Step Surface Accent Color Selection….No Cost

Enter color selection:

Select Skid Strip color:
Black     Gray

View Optional Logo Inlay Images

Logo inlays are artfully carved into the CRYOTherm’s Cameo White exterior surface with a CNC router, then inlaid with inserts carved from the Corian® color of your choice.

 #0402 One-Color Logo.…... $2,100
 #0403 Two-Color Logo….... $3,100
 #0407 Three-Color Logo.… $4,100

Upload logo file:

10. Options & Accessories

        Sanitation Kit - Included
        Switchable Warm Tank Delete Credit - <$3,000>
  Contrast Timer - $250
  Third Party Field Certification by Intertek - Request Price

Models Matching Your Requirements

11. Formal Quote

Upload AutoCAD File, Drawing, or Photo of Your Hydrotherapy Area(Multiple files allowed):