Why CRYOTherm
Engineered with Grimm’s proprietary COLD2WARM technology, our CRYOTherm Hydrotherapy Systems
save time and money.
CRYOTherm consoles and in-ground units are delivered fully assembled and operational. They can be easily installed, connected to utilities and started up.
No external chillers, mechanical rooms or underground crawl spaces are required – and there is no need for hoses or buckets to haul ice.
CRYOTherm is competitively priced and inexpensive to operate. The COLD2WARM heat exchange system, durable components, water conservation, chemical-free operation, and other unique features result in a lower overall cost of ownership and operation than other systems.
CRYOTherm is optimized to fit your facility, existing or new. It is custom designed and configured to fit YOUR space and YOUR needs to transform your hydrotherapy area, both visually and functionally. CRYOTherm makes installation simple with minimal site preparation required.
CRYOTherm is an FDA-registered medical device and excels at delivering and maintaining optimal water temperatures for clinically effective recovery and rehabilitative hydrotherapy. Dual tank configurations with our COLD2WARM technology make contrast treatments simple to administer.

Grimm’s CRYOTherm Hydrotherapy Systems save time and money, and are designed to accommodate your program in every way. Our self-contained systems feature our proprietary Cold2Warm technology which maintains the precise temperature; no need to add ice or hot water. Water cleanliness and clarity are maintained with 100% circulation through a replaceable cartridge filter. The durable Corian exterior and stainless steel tanks are built for a lifetime of service. Quite simply, CRYOTherm Hydrotherapy Systems are the standard for athletic training facilities  – every athlete, every sport, every level.