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Founder - Joe Grimm

In 1979, Joe Grimm was employed as the Director of Research and Engineering for a well-known temperature controlled laboratory equipment manufacturer. During that time, he began a 39-year career as a football official and invented the Ready Ref to assist football officials in managing their play clock timing. In 1983, the Head Athletic Trainer at Marietta College introduced him to cold and warm modalities used in sports medicine. He realized the technical expertise he was applying in the development of temperature controlled medical devices for clinical laboratories was far ahead of sports medicine’s existing cold and warm modalities. His passion to improve athletic performance propelled him forward with establishing the Company and development of the PARATherm product line. In 1987, he met Skip Vosler, Head Athletic Trainer at Ohio University, who assisted with the development of the CRYOTherm and CRYOPress product lines. Grimm Scientific is still based in Marietta, Ohio – designing, engineering, and manufacturing products which are proven to perform, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing for all levels of athletics.


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